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The Higgs boson is part of the elementary particles in the standard model of particles physics theory. It has been observed on March 15th 2013 and François Englert and Peter Higgs were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for its discovery.


At the beginning, the elementary particles have appeared, wandering through space with no evolution conviction. Protons, neutrons or neutrinos, had no charge until the Boson, appearing within reaching...


In a world in which everything goes so fast that we forget our own needs, bring the human back to the center of our preoccupations is essential to us. Accompany each person on their path to autonomy and respect towards individuals. Bring back individual balance and a respectful way to all live together. Be the change you want to see so that everyone can, in their own way, be impactful on their own lives and the world around them. Boson Ensemble, to learn and remember how to be « Human Beings ».


With its three fields of action

« MISSION AMAZONIA » is our first high- scale project. Our team is currently doing scientific and archaeological investigations, humanitarian emergencies and sustainable actions within amazonian jungle communities in Ucayali.


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