Innovative strategies to safeguard Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.



We are a non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization. We are the children of the Earth, the inhabitants of this planet. We are part of one and the same people, the one who crosses the ages from many civilizations, the one who enjoys a unique world.


Contemplative and dreamy, the real beauty and the daily lives of the people of the Amazonian Forest evoked us the urge to take helpful actions, in order to overcome what appears as a soiled condition. We were touched by the grace, by the colourful butterflies of the Amazon rainforest. As such, the evidence popped up as an echo of the meteorologist Edward Lorenz theory: "If the flapping of butterfly wings in Brazil can cause a storm in Texas ... "


Which effect could we produce? Rich of our values ​​and differences, we are the creators of our own change, we are developing this consciousness from Amazonia, Gaia's central lung. 

What will be your wingbeat to help support the Action? We propose you to write the story of JARU together, just that!


Protection, dignity and respect for fundamental human, animal and plant rights are the pillars of our missions.


As such, we are committed to safeguard our Mother Earth by protecting the environment, the fauna, the flora, the rivers, the seas, the Western and Ecuadorian forests through the development of alternative and eco-friendly energies: permaculture, natural agricultural growth in the respect of environment and fair trade.


With its three fields of action, "MISSION AMAZONIA" is our first large-scale event for the inauguration of our NGO.


Our team is currently :

- carrying out scientific and archaeological investigations

- taking humanitarian emergency actions in communities of the Amazonian Jungle Ucayali 

- working on strategies for sustainable economic and ecologically controlled development.


Office in Lima, Av. Esteban Campodónico 688 Urb. Santa Catalina. Ref. Frente a la Torre de Interbank. Office in Yarinacocha Pucallpa, Av. Circunvalación MZ 106 LT. 06 – Phone: 994423345- 941611944,



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