Our Missions

Boson for Humanity   

In a world in which everything goes so fast that we forget our own needs, bring the human back to the center of our preoccupations is essential to us. Accompany each person on their path to autonomy and respect towards individuals. Bring back individual balance and a respectful way to all live together. Be the change you want to see so that everyone can, in their own way, be impactful on their own lives and the world around them. Boson Ensemble, to learn and remember how to be « Human Beings ».

Boson for the Environment

On our planet, non-polluted areas are virtually non-existent. Plastic, for example, threatens to irreversibly destroy our ecosystem, from the bottom of the ocean to the heart of the Amazonian forest. Using new technologies, we will fight this deadly invasion. We will protect forests from deforestation and work hand in hand with the communities towards their ecological transition, for a harmonious future on Mother Earth. 

Boson for the Animals

We are currently experiencing the sixth mass extinction. This no longer needs to be proven, and the scientists have triggered the warning signal. We will put together missions to protect and save the animals’ natural surroundings. From prevention and teaching the populations to direct on-site actions, our fights aim at being diverse and will welcome any person who wants to do good.

Boson Ensemble / Boson Together.

Nowadays, many try to act for change. We commit to work hand in hand with specialists, organisms and associations that share our values and/ or are already contributing to change across the world. We will gather to increase the importance and visibility of our projects. Boson ensemble, to go farther.

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